Since 2009, INTACCESS has been building strategic methods to provide necessary solution for clients satisfaction. As an IT management solutions company created to support customers on their journey from physical IT to virtual IT and to the cloud. We have been able to achieve set goals with our analytical systematic thinking skills and good relationship building skills with our partners.

INTACCESS was built with virtualisation and the next generation data centre in mind and leverages our expertise across the data centre. Our array of solutions allow clients to efficiently and effectively manage the full virtual and physical data centre ecosystem across networks, storage systems, servers, applications, as well as the IT services that rely on these infrastructure elements.

With our solutions working for you, you can solve today’s management challenges, meet increasing service-level requirements, deploy virtual data centres faster, and be confident that you’re completely enabled for your journey from physical IT to virtual IT and to the cloud. Our solutions cover areas where we feel the need is paramount. This way, we stay focused on our abilities and capabilities.


Meaningful improvements in healthcare efficiency and quality will rely heavily on technologies that can improve the flow, integration and interpretation of data across the continuum of care.
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Intaccess kiosks services provide consumers with the ultimate retail experience including online sales, product demonstrations, consumer behavior, human resource applications…
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Modern IT technologies are rapidly changing our lives. Classrooms are now equipped with networked computers using advanced educational software. Teachers could be located anywhere in the world and still effectively.
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IT Solutions
Let us help you face your core business while we handle what we know how to do best. Our Consultants are able to identify areas of your IT that can be outsourced…
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For any retail company to be successful, employee time must be managed properly. Let’s face the truth – as much as you trust your employees, they can at times be unfair to you, especially in terms of work time logging.
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Building Design

and Automation
In today’s challenging business environment, organizations need to be able to cut operational costs without impacting on performance.
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