In today’s challenging business environment, organizations need to be able to cut operational costs without impacting on performance.

Lighting/Sound system

Today’s modern commercial buildings incorporate more technology than ever. Lighting control in these facilities is increasingly complex, balancing a variety of requirements such as life safety, energy conservation, comfort, productivity and aesthetics. The need to monitor, manage and control disparate lighting systems such as emergency, task, presentation, architectural and natural light simply and efficiently on a single platform is paramount.

Our state-of-the-art lighting/sound system comes in different range as we install these systems to fit into the structures to which they are to be installed. Alongside with the lighting system comes with the motion/voice detector. The motion detector helps to conserve power as it comes up when motion is sensed in a particular area and on exit, goes off. With this buildings will be able to conserve power and regulate temperature. Our solutions provide the most energy efficient, cost-effective solutions by integrating separate environmental systems on a common platform, achieving a synergy that delivers optimal control and savings.

Conference Room Automation

Over the years improvement has been done in most technology. For a standard conference room to be fully technologically suitable the presence of up to date technology facilities which include recent and up to date sound system, video conferencing facility, presentation facilities using the tablet and onscreen technology. Room partitioning and combining is simple with just a tap of a wall mount controller. Retractable walls divide conference and ballroom spaces for scheduled events such as meetings, banquets, corporate presentations and weddings. Web-based control enables managers to monitor room configurations, select preset scenes or create custom configurations directly from the banquet office. Establish the right lighting for each event or leave an area dark when unused from any computer on the network. We offer the best of its kind facility installation for conference rooms.