IT Outsourcing

Let’s face it! Your business was not setup to run an IT department or worry about servers, data centres, paying system administrators, handling upgrades, endless updates and on and on.

Let us help you face your core business while we handle what we know how to do best. Our Consultants are able to identify areas of your IT that can be outsourced helping you reduce operational costs while increasing efficiency in an effective manner.

Working together we can achieve more with the right solutions and with the most convenient payment options.

Information Security

Our information security focuses on all aspects of information ranging from:

  • Data
  • Network
  • System

Protection for endpoints is no longer limited to the use of an antivirus. The threat backdrop has become very compound and evolves at a very dynamic rate. Zero-day vulnerabilities, hacker attacks, on multi-platforms make endpoint security intricate.

Given the measure of attacks the degree of information to protect, it increasing commanding to protect systems from every point possible.

Solutions we offer are able to detect and prevent zero-day exploits, viruses, hacker attacks and cover a full spectrum of operating systems including Macs, Windows, and Linux and on mobile devices covering Android, iPhone smartphones and tables.

We offer a widespread range of solutions that fit into our clients’ budgets and we also have special tailored suites made for SMBs with flexible payment options that guarantee for both protection and pocket friendly prices.

Our network security solutions deliver protection covering intrusion prevention, advanced behaviour analytics with state-of-the-art threat detection engines specifically created to protect your organization’s network.

The method in which you protect information within your organization, is only seen and controlled by the right people and is securely transmitted to the envisioned recipients in a timely and resourceful method? Is it possible to protect information stored in your databases, file systems and datacentres?

Can you efficiently trail data and know who has access to what and who has accessed what, when and how?

At Intaccess, we help to provide the answers to all this questions in ways that they will count and bring about productivity in your organization.

Cloud Infrastructure

Having your security in the cloud saves you the cost of having an on-site IT infrastructure to manage your security needs. This is particularly suited for SMBs and organizations that have a core focus on their businesses.

Email, Web Protection and Endpoint Security are key security requirements for your business and having these running as a service and cloud based reduces your capital investment, eliminate the need for an onsite administrator and channel IT resources to goals better aligned to your objectives.

As with our core goal, we aim to help you get the most out of your IT budget while not compromising on the security you require to optimally protect your key company assets.

Productivity Solutions

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

An effective and properly executed CRM solution provides organizations with a seamless flow of information across the entire lifecycle of a client, from initial engagements, opportunities, sales, renewals, and support.

Sales Force Automation, Customer Service Management, are all embedded to provide efficient communication and an overall great customer experience, improved sales, and better forecasting across your organization.

Enterprise Collaboration

Essentially every organization today desires a platform to enable its employees securely store, share and manage all company files while at the same time securing confidential business information or trying to simplify paper-based office processes.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Our ERP solutions are designed specifically to Managing Finance, Supply Chain and Inventory Management, Procurement, Order and Billing Management, Shipping, Financial Planning, Human Capital Management, Revenue Management. Working with your team, we identify your organization’s needs and provide the best solutions to meet those specific needs.

Bandwidth Optimization

Your organization needs bandwidth, we understand. There is continuous demand to increase bandwidth combined with the amplified cost of these upgrades. Users are demanding more and more from your connection and this puts a strain in key organizational applications and users that really require internet access.

Our solutions provides you with deep perceptions on applications and users activity reports providing valued and actionable insights, suitable for troubleshooting network problems and providing gigantic year on year savings on bandwidth costs, up to 40%.

You are able to fast-track cloud and WAN application to increase user experience by applying policy-based shaping on users, applications depending on where, what time of day and available capacity. Also helps to simplify downloads and files that are been stored at the local server; enabling easier access when the need arises.