Solutions for Educational Institution

Modern IT technologies are rapidly changing our lives. Classrooms are now equipped with networked computers using advanced educational software. Teachers could be located anywhere in the world and still effectively communicate with their students, who are able to attend classes without leaving their homes. This is the beauty of eLearning.

Experienced trainers can accelerate learning and empower your users with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful with programs that fits their needs and budget.

Whether you need training for one or one thousand, classes are designed to fit your needs. With our full set of education services, you can anticipate faster user adoption and efficiency, resulting in accelerated ROI.
Highlights of our education solutions:

  • An Educational portal solution for the day to day running of academic activities. (Registration, Finance (online Fee payment and records), Result publishing, parental access and grade monitoring and many other features.
  • Show any screen in real-time to all students from anywhere in the world with or without an internet connection.
  • Monitor and assist students directly from your PC without making them leave their own.
  • Maintain better control of each student.
  • Deliver hands-on experience to your students with new and better teaching and learning experiences.
  • Make voice conferences, lectures, discussions – with a variety of options.
  • Avoid expensive investments in extra hardware needed by other remote administration tools.

Data security

 INTACCESS data security provides digital privacy measures that prevents unauthorised access to computers, databases, websites and data from corruption.

Also in Educational system, the total number of students, the ratio of male to female students, pass and failure rate of male to female in the school, pass and failure rate in individual subjects in the school and a measure to know where the school needs to train more teachers in areas where students are not doing well.
Also overall analysis of total performance of students and platform for future referencing, to be able to archive the data of persons who have passed through the school .


The INTACCESS identification systems, eliminates any fraud activity. Also students attendance can be verified by their unique biological parameters. Additionally, using biometric identification solutions, your data security levels will reach greater heights, as the access to sensitive information will be based on biometric verification.

Intaccess Education Management Suite

An interactive portal, the education portal serves as a student’s information system where student activities are recorded. This includes subjects taken, subjects grades, teachers comments, school fees payment and the schools notice board. Whatever feature the school needs can be achieved with our education portal technology.

eLearning for Secondary Schools

INTACCESS as a forward thinking IT compliant company sees a need to tackle the way we learn. A crucial learning system is the secondary school which needs a total revamp and overhaul as the old curriculum doesn’t deliver the necessary results anymore. The eLearning for secondary schools brings more life into learning for the young ones to be able to take advantage of their lives and careers from an early stage. This includes digitising their curriculum and making it more interesting, introducing new topics of interest to the platform, gamifying the subjects to attract and develop inept interest for the kids as we know that kids pay more attention to games and ensuring that the same lectures are delivered using a totally new means. The beauty of this is that a lot of kids have been exposed to technology. We aim not to discourage them from using these technologies, but to encourage them to use it the right way.
Speak with us today to see how we can help your school achieve the status of eLearning technology compliance.
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Library Automation

The library has now become a boring place of last resort sought out by students. Why don’t we help put more life into your schools library’s by introducing new methods of learning and research using technology? An interactive library will not only attract students but will also help them learn and assimilate. The environment, books and devices in the library must have the feel of a place of comfort for the students and all these will be achieved using technology.
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