Optimized solutions for healthcare

Healthcare organizations are under heavy pressure to be more efficient, control escalating healthcare costs, reduce the ranks of the uninsured, improve quality of care and support innovative clinical research. Meaningful improvements in healthcare efficiency and quality will rely heavily on technologies that can improve the flow, integration and interpretation of data across the continuum of care.
Intaccess products and Professional Services can help your organization:

  • Mobilize information from patient registration to the point of care
  • Securely access clinical data
  • Accelerate innovation and research.
  • Generate patient medical history without having to dig out old files and books
  • Quickly identify health patterns from breakouts in a particular period

We enable real-time eligibility verification at admission, give clinicians and physicians secure access to patients’ clinical information via their Web portals and make it more feasible for health plans and providers to consolidate and analyze large amounts of data to speed research, improve care and reduce costs. We also help deliver the best care to patients by providing interactive solutions where the clinics are more efficient in handling patients through easily calling up medical histories and prompting treatment as soon as it is needed.

Data security in Healthcare

As a healthcare organization, you are confronted with staggering volumes of PHI, PII, and other sensitive data. The aggressive push towards electronic records management, combined with patient information privacy laws, has placed your IT infrastructure under enormous pressure. You need a flexible solution that can handle the vast amount of data, while offering federally-compliant strong security you can depend on.

Increasing margins through IT operational efficiency

Health care organizations survive and live, as nearly every other business do, on the margin between the cost of providing a service and what can logically be charged for it. Automation provided by Network Configuration Managers reduces the time spent on network configuration tasks from minutes per device to minutes per network, so commonly executed task such as credential rolls, ACL updates and OS updates can be done in a fraction of the time manual processes take. This mean the same staff can be leveraged over many more devices without growth in headcount, accelerating the availability of new services.

Our healthcare solutions include:

Health Services Portal: The health services Portal is the central database for the Hospitals records. The Portal can incorporate CRMs and ERP to help operational efficiency. Also the portal has an eFiling system that helps to file medical records and hospital histories. The solution has the compatibility to run on cloud or in house servers as needed by the hospitals

Medical Tracking Systems: Our medical tracking system allows for interactions to take place between the Doctors, Nurses, Patients and the Health Services Portal. The system makes uses of radio frequency identification cards and tags that are used for patient registration, medical history and treatments. The treatment monitor feature prompts Doctors and Nurses when a patient’s next treatment is due, when the patient needs to come for another treatment, when the patient is to get surgery and other features as described by the hospital. This solution is fully customizable according to hospital needs.
Visit our site www.intaccessng.com/IHCS/pdf to download the features of our healthcare solution

Change Management mentality to push for acceptance

In order to drive acceptance, change management is key in delivering Government projects especially in IT. This means changing civil servants mentality to accept moving from paper and pen to moving to Computers to solve daily complex and simple problems so that these issues have records and are logged efficiently. Also this means that civil servants can be easily monitored to see those who are efficient with work and those who just lag behind.

Ensuring IT operational efficiency

Government institutions live on rigid budgets. Automation helps the institutions to spread out their operational costs as work that should have been done monotonously can be done under minutes and efficiently thereby allowing for workers to move on to the next project. This drive would be made possible after change management has occurred.

Data management

Government organizations need Intaccess solutions to mobilize supply-management systems, reduce ship inspection times by half, collect accurate census data and cut data capture time from one year to two days. For over 5 years, Intaccess is working on providing of data movement and distribution solutions that ensure the highest degree of data quality, integrity and timeliness in support of the diverse missions of government.

Tech support for government employees
IT departments in state enterprises face many technical challenges which need to be resolved in a geographically spread structure. PCs used by government staff require constant support and maintenance. Effective measures to avoid network failure is been taken as Intaccess Network (INet) is installed on an employee’s computer, this allows an IT-specialist to connect remotely and repair any malfunction instantaneously.

Results of Intaccess Network (INet) integration for remote technical support include:

  • Employee downtime is cut: employees with computer issues don’t waste time waiting for technical specialists.
  • Productivity among civil servants and IT specialists dramatically increases.
  • IT staff can remotely teach civil servants to work with complex software.
  • The efficiency of information exchange between different departments and branches of government institutions increases.

Data Security

With national security requirements increasing every day, governments are in need of the best technology to ensure public safety within the country. At any given time, the security solutions used by governments need to be one step ahead of those available in the public sector, to ensure nothing compromises national security. One of the key factors having robust civil identification solutions, in order to improve border control and other identification processes, and minimize the chance of identity theft, fraud and forgery.

Intaccess Solutions provides a wide range of biometric identification systems capable of handling large amounts of data. Our solutions enable governmental institutions to identify people by unique biological parameters quickly and unmistakably.

Government Solutions include:

Staff Data Management Systems

The staff Data Management Systems include applications that help staff run efficiently in their day to day activities.

Enterprise Resource Planning

This helps to optimize efficiency among civil servants. The Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP) allows for issues to be easily raised and resolved, cuts down bureaucracy in terms of letter writing and approval seeking by just logging user experiences and getting click approvals upon request validation.