Data security

For any retail company to be successful, employee time must be managed properly. Let’s face the truth – as much as you trust your employees, they can at times be unfair to you, especially in terms of work time logging. Those companies that use manual work time tracking methods have certainly experienced cases when an employee logs more time than they actually spend working.

Asset tracking

Laptop tracking: Any business can benefit from the potential efficient managerial activities from the best of hand that can deliver with time in mind. An effective management system in your business or organization will definitely assist your business or organization in achieving its objectives.

By utilizing our systemized method of management you will have to worry less of investment of the input of time in the daily activities in your organization. With I-TRACK RFID ACTIVE TRACKER service, you can be assured that the security of notebooks within the campus and exiting the campus. This will help keep track of the activities of the notebooks so as to reduce the theft of these notebooks and also be able to recovery a missing one in the case of theft, as the system is able to tell the location of the notebook whenever it is been moved around from the hostel and around the campus.

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CCTV Installation: The quest for better security measure in organizations and government properties is a very important aspect of these organizations and government. The Department of Defense (DOD) or Ministry of Defense of countries invests about 10-15% of their national budget on security. Organizations are not left out as they set aside huge sums of money to deploy security measures in and out of their structures.
The use of Close circuit television (CCTV) is one security measure that government and organization employ to crop activities like Burglary, Vandalism, theft, Arson, Unauthorized Access, examination malpractice (For the educational sector). These issues are bugging issues that governments and organization have to handle if they are to have an itch free running of their business. The occurrence of any of these activities will bring about in slowdown in the running of organization and government offices.
At Intaccess we are the best in the installation of Close circuit television (CCTV) and its operations. Our technology term drawn from around the world, his gives us an edge over others as we have experience in the various way and methods of the implementation of Close circuit television (CCTV) in any kind of structure or environment ranging from Financial institution, Schools, Industries etc.
Our Close circuit television (CCTV) has the follow features leaving us to be the preferred choice when it comes to the installation and maintenance of Close circuit television (CCTV).
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Document tracking: Although more and more offices use electronic copies, original paper copies are still required in most cases.
Searching for a particular document among a massive amount within a large area is considered a painfully time-consuming mission.
The installation of the Document management system will bring to an end the worries of searching for the location of your documents. With the I-Track DOCUMENT TRACKING SYSTEM, you will have the ease of searching for documents in the various departments of your organization. You will be able to tell the exact location of every document sent within your organization, the time of arrival and time of exist.
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Visitor Management System: RFID Technology has overcome technical problems with its visibility on human since 2005. Human tracking is definitely one of the most emerging needs today.
By utilizing our systemized method of management you will have to worry less of investment of the input of time in the daily activities in your organization. With I-TRACK VISITOR AUTOMATED SYSTEM service, you won’t have to worry over the identity and number of persons that visit your organization. You can be assured that the identity and the number of persons visiting is recorded in an organized manner that will help u keep an organized record for future purpose.
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Access Control

Biometrics system: It is now a world of authentication and verification. Most organization have bought in and still buying into the world of biometrics for their day to day activities. The use of this system for authentication and verification has proven to be the most efficient way of secured authentication and verification. The system offers an array of solutions ranging from, identity card for staffs, students and other personnel in various organizations. This gives rise to a more secured method to generate accurate information of where these solutions are applied.
Our range of Biometrics Access Control solution ranges from;

  1. Single point entry
  2. Two way entry
  3. Turnstile doors

In order to achieve the best, we patronize world leading company in the field of access control. Our product brands include:

  1. Bioenable
  2. HID
  3. Fingertec
  4. Suprema

With this customers are made to make a choice as to which of the brands they will like to have implemented for them. The quality of these brands are of 6 sigma as we picked from the very best in the industry but dues to customer variation in choice we leave them to pick from the best we have. Each of these brands come with their unique features but serves the same purposes.

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Biometric locks and card system: The drift from key systems to the use of biometric locks in most organization (Public and private) has experienced a progressive increase. The use of this system as lock is one of the most efficient and easy to maintain solution. Hotels, Banks, IT firms and most top financial organization are on the platform of the use of this solution.

Time attendance: Time is the only variable on earth that cannot be recycles as everyone on earth is allocated same time and nothing can be done to undo that at any point in time. Most organization experience a hug loses in profit margin as a result of the lackadaisical attitude to work. It is said that “Time is money”. For this reason, organizations and firms who subscribe to the use time system for payment employ the use of biometrics system of attendance. This is system is very reliable as staffs can only sign in with their finger prints. Since everyone on earth have a unique finger print, it is rational to say that it will take extreme measures to bypass such a system. Having this in an organization put such organization on point in the area of keep the attendance of their staffs. This will amount to the total productive in human resources in such organization.

This solution is designed for:

  1. Schools
  2. Government parastatals
  3. Private organizations
  4. Industries that run on shift platforms

Our range of Time attendance solution fits into the above mentioned places and they deliver with high efficiency in order to achieve greater productivity.
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